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Arnold Carreiro

Keep an eye out for extra-rare TAG TEAM cards featuring two or more Pokémon per card, such as Muk & Alolan Muk and Celebi & Venusaur.

The only thing better than opening a handful of Pokémon Trading Card Game booster packs is adding a few bonus goodies to your Pokémon collection, such as a shiny enamel pin or a holographic card featuring your favorite Pokémon. Not only are Pokémon pin collector's boxes an excellent deal for competitive deck builders and collectors alike, but they are also almost always themed around fan-favorites like Tapu Koko, Pikachu, Grookey, and Mimikyu.

Although brand-new Pokémon pin collector's boxes are released on a fairly regular basis, catching the best sets for your needs is much easier than you may expect. To learn more, keep reading our buying guide, which includes reviews of our favorites at the end. Our top pick is the Pokémon Blastoise-Gx Premium Collection Box, which comes with six booster packs, three rare foil cards, and the Blastoise enamel pin and coin.

Considerations when choosing Pokemon pin collector's boxes


It's a good habit to research the exact contents of any Pokémon pin collector's box before you buy, because some sets are bundled with more TCG booster packs, pins, and exclusive promotional cards than others. It may also be worth taking the time to learn which Pokémon cards may be inside of a box's bundled booster packs by reading through the card list of the expansion online. For instance, you can only find Lurantis-GX, Incineroar-GX, and Tauros-GX cards in the Sun & Moon expansion.

Preferred Pokémon

With so many Pokémon pin collector's boxes available for fan favorites like Mega Charizard, Primal Kyogre, and Primarina, it is worth finding out whether a pin set featuring some of your personal favorite Pokémon already exists. Each Pokémon pin collector's box was designed around a certain Pokémon, so expect its pin, promotional cards, and even its randomized booster packs to be thematically connected to the same creature.



Every Pokémon pin collector's box contains a few booster packs that hold 10 or 11 cards each, but the cards that you may discover depends on its associated expansion. For example, the Sun & Moon: Unbroken Bonds Pokémon TCG expansion is made up of over 210 cards and features exciting cards like Venomoth GX and Dedenne GX.

Promo cards

While an enamel pin is certainly the crown jewel of each Pokémon pin collector's box, most sets feature at least one special promotional card featuring the set's star Pokémon. These may come in the form of holographic cards, an oversized novelty card, or a card with exclusive artwork.

Holo cards

In addition to the promotional cards that are definitely included with each Pokémon pin collector's box, you have a slim chance to unwrap shimmering holographic cards within each booster pack. A limited number of Pokémon cards are printed with a shiny foil layer, so consider yourself lucky if you find one of these in your collector's box.


Q. Is there any other way to obtain a specific enamel Pokémon pin outside of buying a Pokémon pin collector's box?

A. Although you can find a range of pins on the official Pokémon website, the pins bundled with Pokémon pin collector's boxes are exclusive to that collector's box, and that goes for any associated giant novelty cards and special promotional holographic cards as well.

Q. I'm looking for a gift for a Pokémon fan. Is a Pokémon pin collector's box a good present?

A. Probably. If you are buying for someone who already loves the card game, or is a huge fan of a specific Pokémon that the box is themed around, these sets make excellent gifts. On the other hand, the rules of the card game are a bit too complicated for players who are under six years old, and the sharp point on a Pokémon pin makes it dangerous for anyone four years old or younger.

Pokemon pin collector's boxes we recommend

Best of the best: Pokémon Blastoise-Gx Premium Collection Box
Our take: This is the ultimate must-own Pokémon pin collector's box for fans of Squirtle, Wartortle, and of course, the colossal Blastoise itself.
What we like: Six booster packs and three rare foil cards, plus a gigantic Blastoise-GX card. Blastoise enamel pin and coin. You are guaranteed to get a wide range of cards in this set.
What we dislike: Slim chance to find any specific card outside of Blastoise's family line.

Best bang for your buck: Pokémon TCG Zygarde Complete Forme Pin Collection
Our take: Whether you need a pin of the unstoppable dragon, or want to crush the competition with its ultra-powerful card, this is a solid Zygarde-themed set.
What we like: Includes three Sun & Moon booster packs. Foil promotional card and enamel pin of Zygarde in its Complete Forme. Affordable.
What we dislike: Good luck finding specific cards in this 300-card series.

Choice 3: Pokémon TCG Tapu Koko Pin Collection
Our take: Fans of the electric Island Guardian will love the slick pin, overpowered promotional card, and range of booster cards included with this Tapu Koko-themed set.
What we like: Bundled with three Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising booster packs. Tapu Koko promotional holofoil card and matching enamel pin.
What we dislike: Tapu Koko is mighty, but collectors may want to preserve this rare card instead of playing with it.

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