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Michael Pollick

Colon-cleansing colonics and enemas should be seen as short-term treatments, not long-term hygiene regimens. Most healthy adults can eliminate toxic wastes naturally.

The course of true digestion does not always run smoothly, and at those times many people seek a more natural form of relief than harsh chemical laxatives. An enema irrigates the colon, either easing the symptoms of constipation or flushing away toxins that have built up over time. Most enema formulas involve sterile water, but other liquids, such as cold coffee, can also be used as part of colonic cleanses.

When the need for an enema treatment arises, it is important to find the right tools for the job. An enema kit includes everything necessary for a colon cleanse, including a container for the solution, a sanitary hose, and an insertable applicator with a comfortable tip. Some are designed for single use, while others are meant for regular cleansing or detoxification.

If you are seeking a natural form of relief for constipation or other colon-related issues, read our buying guide. At the top of our list is the Medisential Enema Kit, a durable and comprehensive system that can handle many different types of cleansing formulas.

Considerations when choosing enema kits

Construction materials

Single-use enema kits tend to use materials that are easily disposable but still sturdy enough to hold a generous amount of fluid. Look for a tip and hose made from sterilized plastic, and a prefilled vinyl bag that can be gravity-fed or squeezed.

Enema kits designed for long-term use can be made from soft rubber with more durable plastic or silicone tips. The highest-end enema kits often use stainless steel buckets to hold quarts of cleansing solution.

Applicator design

The tip of the enema kit must be inserted into the user's rectum, which is not always a comfortable or natural procedure. Some disposable enema kits only offer one style of applicator, which may be straight or curved. Mid-range enema kits may include several different types of applicator tips for improved comfort. A comprehensive enema kit includes special lubricants along with detailed instructions on the application process.

Flow control

One of the most critical parts of the enema procedure is a controlled delivery of the solution. Once the fluid leaves the container and enters the rectum, the flow rate should be comfortable, not overwhelming. To control the rate of flow, many enema kits include release valves that can be opened or closed quickly by the user. Fluid should never be delivered under extreme pressure.

Cleaning and storage

While a prefilled disposable enema kit is indeed disposable, other models need to be sanitized and stored between sessions. Better enema kits should break down into manageable parts for cleaning and sanitizing. A storage case or protective bag is also a good thing, because the components need to be protected from damage.



Single-use enema kits often measure capacity by the ounce, since they are usually deployed for occasional constipation or hardened stools. Enema kits used for colon cleanses, however, measure fluid capacity by the quart. Stainless steel buckets or heavy-duty rubber bags are filled with a generous amount of sterile water or cleansing fluid for each session.

Color options

Original enema bags used by medical professionals were most often red or transparent. It is now possible for shoppers to order at-home enema kits in several different colors, including blue, green, and purple.


For immediate relief from constipation or stool hardening, many people opt for a disposable enema kit that retails for around $5 to $8 at retail stores or pharmacies. For extended at-home use, a kit with a choice of tips and a durable bag should cost $15 to $20, while a high-end model with a stainless steel bucket can cost $25 or more.


Q. I'm scheduled for an enema as part of a medical test. Will it be painful?

A. Receiving an enema for the first time can definitely feel unnatural and uncomfortable, but the product itself is designed for ease of use. You will probably feel a sense of fullness in your lower abdomen, but the sensation is temporary.

Q. Are enemas safe? I don't want to become dependent on them.

A. Most enemas are intended to alleviate a specific condition, such as chronic constipation. Some people may include enemas as part of a larger digestive tract cleansing. In either case, an occasional enema should be considered safe. However, using an enema instead of waiting for a natural bowel movement can be problematic.

Enema kits we recommend

Best of the best: Medisential's Enema Kit

Our take: This is a very comprehensive kit with accessories for almost every type of enema procedure, including coffee.

What we like: Two-quart stainless steel bucket resists corrosion. Comfortable to use. Instruction manual is very detailed.

What we dislike: On the expensive end of the spectrum. Metal seal between bag and hose can develop leaks.

Best bang for your buck: Aussie Health Co.'s Enema Kit

Our take: This budget-friendly kit includes the same medical-grade accessories as higher-end competitors and is very easy to maintain between sessions.

What we like: Clamps allow complete control over flow rate. Large capacity stainless steel bucket is easy to clean. Packaging is very discreet.

What we dislike: Insertion tips are not high-quality and can feel awkward to insert.

Choice 3: OTBBA's Enema Bulb

Our take: For those who feel intimidated by high-volume enema kits, this squeeze bulb system is very easy to use.

What we like: Operation is very straightforward and comfortable. Stores easily between uses.

What we dislike: Squeeze bulb does not have the same capacity as stainless steel buckets. Only handles water-based enema solutions, not coffee.

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