Best Dips for Your Golden Globes Viewing Party

Watch the Golden Globes this year in delicious style with these tasty dips
Best Viewing Party Dips

These dips are ready for their close-up

With the 72nd Annual Golden Globes approaching, it's easy to understand why you have stars in your eyes. As a lover of the dramatic arts, this is one of the nights in award ceremonies you look forward to most after a year of incredible films and TV series. The glitz! The glam! The delicious dip! Wait — what was that last one? You heard us right; a proper viewing party is nothing without an array of award-winning dips to complement the night. And why is that?

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Think of it this way: every movie has a lead actor or actress that makes a film worth watching. But without a compelling cast of supporting actors around them, supporting them, their performances would fall flat. We like to think of party dip as the supporting actor in the film adaptation of your party. After all, a pretzel or potato chip is tasty, but it is a millions times better after it is dunked into a satisfying dip.

To help make your party a show-stopper, we rounded up some of the heartiest, tastiest, and most compelling dips we could find. With tempting and decadent treats like creamy hot crab dip to indulge in and simple, zesty chip enhancements like enlightened spicy avocado dip to keep you on your toes, we think that these recipes might just upstage the award show.

Avocado Oven Roasted Tomato and Fresh Ginger Dip

This dip is just as exhilarating as the anticipation built up while waiting to hear the results. The fresh ginger works perfectly with the avocado, making it the dark horse of the party — a delightful and welcomed unexpected winner.

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Bacon Avocado Dip

Unlike the plot points in many of the nominated films and series, this dip isn’t too complex. However as with the nominated films and series this year, it leaves an impactful and lasting impression, so we highly recommend serving this easy and tasty dip for your viewing party.

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