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Sian Babish

Always wash your ceramic knives as soon as you’re finished using them. If you leave them in a sink with the rest of your dishes, the knives could sustain chips or damage to the blades.

Ceramic knives are a home cook's best choice for precision cutting of bread, soft cheeses, and even some meats. They're also incredibly low-maintenance, as blades don't dull quickly, and sets are dishwasher-safe. Perhaps what's most appealing about them is their low price, making them an affordable addition to every kitchen.

If you're thinking about buying ceramic knives, take a look at our buying guide, which includes reviews of a few of our favorites at the end. Our number one choice is the Cuisinart 12-Piece Knife Set with Blade Guards, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Considerations when choosing ceramic knives

Buying single knives vs. sets

Many ceramic knives are actually sold as sets, which is great if you're sticking to a budget and want to maximize your value. Sets are also convenient if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need more than just one knife to handle slicing and dicing duties.

It's worth investing in a single ceramic knife if you need it for a specific task or for use with certain foods. A single knife is also usually an inexpensive alternative to buying its stainless steel version.

Types of knives

Whether you're buying a single ceramic knife or a set, you should know what's out there. You can find bread, paring, utility, chef's, fillet, and cheese knives. Some manufacturers also make speciality knives, such as those for cutting pizza or certain types of produce.


Ergonomic handle

Always examine the handles of ceramic knives for ones that are both comfortable and safe to grip. If comfort is your primary concern, you're well-served by a molded handle. If you like to get a firm grip on the handle, choose ones with non-slip or texturized detail.

Protective sheath

Ceramic knives are durable and sharp, but they can chip if they come into contact with other utensils. It's worth buying ceramic knives that come with either sheaths or butcher blocks. Not only do these coverings protect the blades, they also protect hands when reaching for them.


A popular trend in ceramic knives is unique markings or color-coding. This helps you choose which knife you need with a quick glance. There are also some ceramic knives whose intended uses are actually etched on the blades.


Quality ceramic knives will last for years, especially when you take good care of them. With that said, it's smart to choose knives backed by their manufacturers. Some brands offer limited warranties, whereas others have lifetime guarantees for replacement.


If you're on a budget, you can find a basic ceramic knife set for under $25. Sets featuring higher-quality construction cost around $30. For deluxe sets of ceramic knives with superior construction and durability, be prepared to spend over $50.


Q. Is it true that ceramic knives cut down on aftertaste?

A. Yes. Because the blades are coated in ceramic, food doesn't come into contact with metal. Some people are more sensitive to this, while to others, it's virtually undetectable. If you have ceramic blades and do begin to notice an aftertaste, chances are the coating has begun to chip. In this case, replace the knife right away.

Q. What are some ways to protect ceramic knives from chipping?

A. Besides blade covers or butcher blocks for storage, you should also keep knives away from utensils, pots, pans, and other metal items around your kitchen. Cleaning them with a scratch-free sponge and gentle dish soap also helps preserve the ceramic coating.

Ceramic knives we recommend

Best of the best: Cuisinart's 12-Piece Knife Set with Blade Guards

Our take: Attractive color-coordinated set of quality knives.

What we like: Well-rounded set with blade covers. High-quality ceramic coating. Lifetime warranty.

What we dislike: Knives could be a bit sharper.

Best bang for your buck: WACOOL's Three-Piece Ceramic Knife Set

Our take: Affordable choice for a simple design in a versatile three-piece set.

What we like: Incredibly sharp. Great starter set for novice cooks. Handle is comfortable to hold.

What we dislike: Occasional quality issues with handles.

Choice 3: Chopmate's Nonstick Ceramic-Coated Eight-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Our take: Fun and lively color-coded starter set.

What we like: High-quality blades. Comes with a bonus peeler. Superior grip quality with unique handle design.

What we dislike: Occasional difficulties using cheese and pizza knives.

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