Are These the Worst Food Tattoos Ever?

Some things look better on a plate

This pizza doesn't look so appetizing on skin.

Tattoos should be beautiful pieces of artwork meant to express something about the person they adorn. Prayers, religious scriptures, images of deceased loved ones, zodiac signs, and now food are all common themes. Yes, you read that correctly: People are getting their favorite foods tatted on them — can we say “foodie” with a capital F? While some food tattoos are really cool and well-designed, some went totally wrong.

Branded Beauty

This may not be the kind of advertising campaign Popeye's Chicken had in mind. Instead of inducing a fried chicken craving, the sight of this ink reminds us of the not-so-cute consequences of fast food indulgence.

Chicken Angel Wings

This food enthusiast's take on traditional angel wings involves a little less feather and a little more Buffalo sauce. It seems like a fun idea in theory, but on paper (and skin) it takes on a certain unappealing flavor.


— Additional reporting by Lindsay Burgess