Adorable Raccoon Figures Out that the Best Way to Get Food from Humans Is to Knock On Their Door

Rocksy, a young mother raccoon, has stopped by to get some food for her babies

Luckily for Rocksy, her human friend is more than willing to help. 

A clever raccoon who knows that one of the best things about humans is that they often have food, has figured out a great way to alert her humans of choice that she would like them to share their snacks.

The raccoon, who has been given the name “Rocksy,” is so named because she has a very particular way of “knocking” on a family’s glass door — by holding a rock between her paws and gently “tapping” against the glass.

As the homeowner explains over footage of Rocksy knocking, the raccoon is already infamous for stealing cat food off the porch, and knocking to complain when the bowl is empty.
However, rather than be annoyed at Rocksy’s persistence, the homeowner is happy to help. In fact, she’s noticed that Rocksy is actually a young mother, who often nurses her babies just beyond the yard, and has stopped by to get food from a friendly source.
Watch the adorable video below: