This Adorable 3-Year-Old in Food Fashions Is the Cutest Thing on Instagram

This Turkish artist and her daughter play a very modern version of dress-up

Alya Chaglar photographs daughter Stefani in gowns made out of food and flowers for Instagram.

You won’t find these dresses in the children’s section. In fact, you might have better luck in the produce aisle of your local grocery store if you want to recreate these looks. To achieve these viral photos of her daughter 3-year-old Stefani, Alya Chaglar just has to reach into her fridge for inspiration.

The Turkish oil painter first started posing her daughter behind hand-held foods and flowers because she thought it was cute.

“The first picture was made only for fun. It was hot summer day, and I tried a watermelon slice as a dress,” she told ABC News. “I laughed out loud when I saw her face expressions and the way she posed, so I decided to share that picture in my account. I loved the reaction.”

It turns out, so did everyone else. The photo became a viral success.

Much to the delight of her roughly 58,000 followers, Chaglar has since snapped her daughter “dressed” in grapes, a head of lettuce, bouquets of flowers, a fish, and many other things you would normally find around your house and in your fridge.

Take a look at some of their adorable moments: 

“Some people loved the dress and creativity, others noticed how artistic and funny Stefani is,” Chaglar told ABC.

Noticeably, in every photo her daughter strikes a pose that is at once effortlessly silly but surprisingly editorial.

“For me, this dress series is not about creativity, but much more about Stefani. She has [a] very bright personality and I want to show it through my pictures. My daughter inspires me more than anyone or anything else.”


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