6 Foods You Can Turn Into an Oscar

Swap the 24-carat gold Oscar figurines for edible ones at your Oscars party
Edible Oscars

We’d take a chocolate Oscar over a real gold one any day.

Sunday night is Oscars night. Whether you’re attending or hosting the annual celebrity-watching party this year, we think everyone at your party deserves his or her own Oscar statuette. Obviously you won’t be handing out 24-carat gold, 13-inch tall figurines, but you could hand out something even better: edible Academy Awards.

To make your edible Oscar, you’re going to need a statuette-shaped cookie cutter or chocolate mold. Once you’ve got your hands on either of these, you’re ready to get in the kitchen and prepare yourself to present these famous awards to your favorite celebrity friends.

The simplest edible Oscars can be made following this awards night cookie recipe. Make yourself a batch of sugar cookies and cut them out into Oscar figurines. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you could ice them and decorate them with edible gold leaf, royal icing, and luster dust, or, a slightly cheaper option, edible gold glitter.

Another simple option is Oscar cake pops. Use your favorite sponge cake recipe — whether it’s vanilla, red velvet, or chocolate, is up to you — and either bake the cake batter directly in the chocolate mold, or bake in a sheet and cut out using the cookie cutter. These can then be iced and decorated as much or as little as you wish. To turn them into a cake pop that everyone can hold up and show the crowds, just insert a lollipop stick into the base of each one before decorating.

If you have a chocolate mold, rather than a cookie cutter, then you can show of your skills as a chocolatier by making Oscar chocolate lollipops. Simply melt the chocolate, pour into the mold, and place the lollipop stick in the middle of each chocolate statuette. Sprinkle with whatever extras you fancy, and set aside to harden. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could experiment with making your own candy. Follow this recipe to make your own sugar lollipops from scratch: As long as you have a candy thermometer, you’ll find it’s simpler than you previously thought. Dye them in fun, bright colors, and they’ll make the perfect party decoration, as well as an impressive party favor.

To put a more-grown up twist on this Oscars baking project, you could use your chocolate mold to make alcoholic jellies. We particularly love this mojito jelly recipe, which will certainly add an extra kick to your Oscar party sweets. You could, of course, follow a more conventional jelly recipe if you wanted to keep things kid-friendly…

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If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t despair: You’re not just restricted to sweets when it comes to making edible Oscars. Add an extra thematic dimension to your Oscar-centric cocktails by using the statuette molds to make award-shaped ice-cubes. That’s something those celebrities definitely won’t be given at their glamorous after-party.