The 5 Weirdest Food Moments From the 2016 Election

The candidates tried to be more down-to-earth by celebrating Cinco de Mayo and dishing about their love of spicy foods
Hillary Clinton with hot sauce

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Hillary Clinton seriously loves her hot sauce!

The 2016 presidential election is nearly over (thankfully), and it’s already time to look back at the highlights. When it comes to food, there may not have been much discussion about actual policy, but this election was not short on weird moments, at least some of them obviously attempts to appeal to the public. What makes a candidate seem more down-to-earth than celebrating Cinco de Mayo or dishing about his (or in this case her) love of spicy foods? Well… in 2016, trying to be the everyman doesn’t always work so well.  

Relive the five weirdest food moments from the 2016 election — before we try to forget it all next week.

Trump’s Bizarre Taco Bowl Tweet

Republican nominee Donald Trump has had his fair share of problems appealing to the Hispanic demographic, and his attempt on Cinco de Mayo went viral for all the wrong reasons. “Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics!” he tweeted. Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, taco bowls aren’t exactly real Mexican cuisine and the hopeless attempt at appealing to people he called previously called “rapists” and “killers” didn’t exactly go as planned.

Clinton’s Got Hot Sauce in Her Bag (Swag)

Former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said during an interview with the R&B radio show The Breakfast Club that she always keeps hot sauce in her purse. Though some saw the comment as pandering to African-Americans and perhaps Beyoncé fans (who infamously bragged about keeping hot sauce in her bag in her song “Formation”), Clinton has a long history of loving spicy foods. According to the Associated Press, the White House kept more than 100 different hot sauces on hand when she was First Lady.

Taco Trucks on Every Corner

Trump’s food-related struggles with "Hispanics" continued in September, when the founder of Latinos for Trump warned MSNBC’s Chris Hayes of a horrifying (?) future possibility. “My culture is a very dominant culture, and it's causing problems. If you don't do something about it, you're going to have taco trucks on every corner." The comment immediately went viral on Twitter, with many tweeters allowing that the idea of tacos on every street actually sounded pretty good. The comment even inspired a counter-movement called “Guac the Vote.”

Clinton Eats a Chile Every Day

Seriously… Clinton loves spicy foods (see above). After some questioned her dedication to hot sauces and spicy foods, her official campaign released a statement confirming that she eats chiles, hot sauce, and red pepper flakes frequently for her health. According to TIME, she regularly consumes capsaicin-laden foods for their presumed benefits, which include releasing endorphins into the bloodstream and supplying a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

Trump Eats Fast Food With… a Fork?

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Trump’s diet is filled with fast food and greasy fare — something he actually does have in common with the average American. However, his dedication to utensils separates the billionaire from his supporters. In 2011, Trump was called out by Jon Stewart for eating his pizza with a fork, making him “not a true New Yorker.” And Trump’s reluctance to eat with his hands continued this election cycle, when he was photographed bizarrely eating KFC with a fork and knife on his private plane, once again becoming fodder for Internet ridicule.