5 Things We’ve All Said When We Were Hangry

We’ve been very mean, but we didn’t mean it
5 Things We’ve All Said When We Were Hangry


Judge us not when we are hangry, but when we are full and friendly. 

Being hangry — the confusing, disconcerting state of being both hungry and angry (or angry because we’re hungry) — turns most of us into the least charming versions of ourselves.

Often, we say things we shouldn’t — but it’s only because in a moment of weakness, we’ve wanted to bring others down to our level of unhappiness. Whether you’re guilty of uttering the following hangry statements or you’ve been on the receiving end of these taunts, take comfort in the knowledge that no one really means what they say when they’re hangry.

1.“I don’t care where we eat, I just need you to pick already.”

Translation: “I’m too hungry to think logically, and now I’m going to take this out on you.”

2. “I’m going to lose it at the delivery guy for being so late with this order.”

Translation: “Waiting for delivery is the only thing keeping me alive right now, and when the delivery guy gets here, I’m going to fawn all over him.”

3. “I don’t think I even want it anymore.”

Translation: “Don’t listen to me. I am making you mad on purpose.”

4. “There’s no food anywhere!”

Translation: “There is no food that qualifies as the perfect thing I have invented in my head to cure my hunger during this whole time that I was also waiting for you to decide what we’ll be eating.”

5. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hungry in my entire life.”


Translation: “I’m ignoring every other memory of hunger because this is happening now, which makes it more terrible.”