21 Summer Dates That Make The Most Of The Sunshine

21 Summer Dates That Make the Most of the Sunshine

Don't plan to spend your summer dates at a fancy restaurant or in your favorite bar: Step outside and make the most of the sunshine. You don't want to spend a day or an evening cooped up indoors when you could be out enjoying the warm weather and blue skies. Whether you're an active outdoors person who wants to spend the day sailing or horseback riding, or whether you're food-obsessed and choose to spend your date toasting s'mores around a campfire, there are endless options for a relaxed, outdoor, warm weather date.

Beach Walk

Take your date on a day trip to the beach. There's nothing like a long barefoot beach walk — the sea washing at your feet, the sun beaming down on your face, and the breeze blowing in your hair — to invigorate, refresh, and inspire you: the perfect setting for a beautiful summer date.

Beer Festival

If you and your date are both beer-drinkers, spend an incredibly fun day indulging in your favorite drink at one of America's many beer festivals. A day in the sunshine, drinking multiple tasty beers, will definitely be a happy one for both of you: After all, there's nothing like a couple of drinks to get the conversation going.

Campfire Dinner

Either build a campfire in your garden, or set out to the great outdoors to spend a romantic evening huddled up round a roaring fire. Take everything you need to grill a feast on an open fire with you, and don't forget the s'mores or the bourbon. Feast on smoky burgersmelted marshmallows, and, when the sun's gone down, it's time to swig on that bottle of bourbon while you gaze up at the stars.

Convertible Road Trip

Rent a convertible for the day and set out on a romantic road trip. Make a relaxed road trip playlist to blare out of the speakers, put on your sunglasses and headscarves, and whizz out into the open roads, basking in the sunshine, and stopping at a romantic spot along the way for a leisurely, secluded picnic.

Drive-In Movie

Cozy up at a drive-in movie on a balmy night with your date this summer. Don't forget to take an endless supply of popcorn and a cuddly blanket with you. Select a romantic movie, and sitting under the stars, in front of the big screen, you're all set for the most romantic summer date.

Farmers Market Cookout

Set aside an entire summer's day for this multi-step date. First off, head to the farmers market and buy your favorite ingredients. Once you're all loaded up with tasty, fresh, organic produce, head home and spend the rest of the day cooking up a storm, which you can then share alongside a bottle of wine and the sunset.

Horseback Riding

For an adventurous summer date, head to the nearest stables, and go horseback riding for a few hours. Admire the amazing summer scenery, and embrace being in such a natural setting, so far away from the crazy city life, as you peacefully ride out into the countryside.

Ice Cream Outing

Rather than heading to a bar or a fancy restaurant with your date this summer, take him or her to your favorite ice cream parlor instead. Pile your cones up with your favorite flavors, and either take a seat at the parlor or roam the streets, relishing the heat, and the sweet ice cream. So much better than a beer in a dark bar.

Mini Golf Game

Unleash your competitive side and challenge your date to a game of mini golf. Show off your skills, or try to cover up your lack of mini golf talent, and enjoy this amusing game, which will definitely make for a fun-filled date.

Rent a Boat

Whether it's a rowing boat on the lake in the park, or a kayaking adventure down the river, make the most of sunshine by spending a day out on the water. No ordinary summer's day would include such a romantic outing.

Romantic Picnic

Pack up your picnic basket with all your favorite picnic foods (and don't forget that chilled bottle of prosecco), gather your picnic blanket, and set out for a relaxed, lazy, lunch under the sun.

Sail Away

If you're a keen sailor, impress your date with your boating skills. A couple of hours spent speeding around in the water on a sunny day is the best recipe for a date of endless smiles.

Stroll in the Park

Don't underestimate the simplest dates. Pick your date up and go for a stroll in the nearest park. Buy an ice cream or iced coffee, sit down for a rest under a leafy green tree, and let the conversation flow on this wonderfully relaxed, understated date.

Summer Berry-Picking

Embrace your inner food-loving farmer, and head to your nearest berry-producing farm to spend the afternoon picking your favorite summer fruits. Share the freshest produce together sitting in the grass when you've had enough of getting sticky strawberry juice all over yourself.

Tandem Bike Ride

For an intense compatibility challenge, rent a tandem bike and set off on a bicycle ride, which can be as adventurous or as simple as you desire. Working together to travel around will definitely bond you more quickly than simply sharing dinner.

Tennis Match

Set up a double date this summer and book a couple of hours on the tennis courts. There's nothing like some fierce competitiveness in a doubles tennis match to unite two people in a just a few games.

Trip to the Fairground

A late afternoon spent at the fairground or the pier on a beautiful summer's evening is always a good idea. Go on a couple of rides together, eat too much ice cream, admire the flashing lights, and take some silly photos in the photo booth to create a permanent memory of the perfect date.

Vineyard Visit

day of wine tasting and admiring beautifully well-kempt vines doesn't have to only happen on a vacation in France. Find out where your nearest winery is and spend a day tasting their wines, learning about how they're made, and strolling up and down the green, luscious vineyards.

Visit the Zoo

Zoos don't only exist to entertain children. A day spent at the zoo can be one of the most fun, adorable dates. Admire the waddling penguins, the sleeping sloths, and the exotic birds: These beautiful animals are an endless source of amusement and discussion.

Walk the Dogs

If you're both dog-owners, make sure you bond over this shared lifestyle. Let the dogs become friends as you and your date get to know each other better on a long, sunny dog walk in the park, the woods, or on the beach.

Watch Baseball

If you're both avid baseball fans, there could be no better date than going to a baseball game together. Grab your hot dogs and pretzels, and enjoy the game! If you support rival teams, choose a game where neither of your teams are playing so you can both support the same side for the evening. You wouldn't want your date to end in a fierce baseball argument.