15 Ways You Didn’t Know You Were Being a Terrible Party Guest

It’s not all as obvious as it may seem

It’s not too terribly difficult to be a great host. You send out your invitations, plan the perfect menu, and make your guests feel at ease. There are also easy ways to be a great party guest. You help your host, arrive just a little bit late, and engage with the room.

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And everyone knows there are certain ways that you can instantly be a terrible party guest. For instance, you break your host’s coffee table in a drunken rage. That’s obvious.

But did you know that wandering around the house uninvited, drinking before you arrive, and forgetting to bring a bottle of wine to your host means that you’re being a terrible party guest? OK… maybe terrible is a bit of an exaggeration, but it does mean that you’re being a little bit rude, and that’s not a good look.

It’s easier to commit a social faux pas than you imagine. So before you head to your next party 30 minutes early with an empty bag for leftovers, be sure to click here for 15 ways you didn’t know you were being a terrible party guest.