15 Classic Tailgate Foods To Master Before Football Season Starts

When summer comes to a close and the fall weather slowly creeps in, football season is just around the corner. Whether this is your first time at the tailgate rodeo or you're a seasoned veteran, there are some classic tailgating recipes you need to master before the first kickoff.

15 Classic Tailgate Foods to Master Before Football Season Starts

Tailgates are where the football parties get started. They're where you meet friends, get revved up for the game, and fuel up on food (and — within reason, we hope — drink) before you hit the stadium, where that tray of nachos and a couple of beers will cost you a fortune. You'll be prepared for your first tailgate of the season with these classic recipes in your playbook.

Tailgating recipes can vary by region, but wings and burgers are sure to be a touchdown with your guests. Easy-to-prep slow-cooker favorites and dips mean you don't have to stand over the grill the whole time. Review the play-by-play of each recipe below to be the MVP of the parking-lot tailgate this fall.

Artichoke Spinach Dip

Fall brings cooler weather, meaning this warm dip will be welcomed at your tailgate. It's a classic that works well not only for your tailgate, but for any upcoming get-togethers of the season.

Click here for the Artichoke Spinach Dip recipe.

Barbecue Wings

Barbecue wings are the perfect choice for those who like their wings with a little more sweet and a little less heat than Buffalo wings provide.

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