13 Sure Signs You Grew Up In California Slideshow

13 Sure Signs You Grew Up in California

As a native Californian, you know that any dish can be improved by throwing an avocado on it, that the only acceptable temperature range is 65 to 86, and that, like, no one actually calls the state "Cali." For these and 10 more signs that you grew up in California, click here.

Avocado Is a Major Food Group

You have an avocado tree growing in your backyard and know that any dish can be improved with a little green magic. And forget about anyone else's guacamole recipe — yours is unmatched.

Disneyland Is Your Second Home

Disneyland is a dream vacation for millions of kids, but you went all the time. Your family were annual passholders, and sometimes you would just pop in just to have dinner at the Plaza Inn.

Highways Are “The”

When giving directions, you know to tell people to take the 118 East to the 405 North, get on the 5 and take that till they to the 210. Their exit is on the left.

Spanish Comes Naturally to You

Even if you never took Spanish in high school or college, you know enough of the language to get by — or at least you think you do.

The NorCal/SoCal Debate Is Intense

You think that Northern California and Southern California may as well be two completely different states. No matter what half of California you're from, you know it's far superior to the other.

You Can Only Exist in a Specific Temperature Range

64 degrees is ice-cold; 86 degrees is disturbingly hot.

You Eat Vegan Food Regularly

If you aren't a vegetarian or vegan, half of the people that you know certainly are. You know that meat doesn't need to be a part of a meal to make it complete. That stuff will give you cancer anyway.

You Know the Superiority of In-N-Out

You can hack your In-N-Out order better than anyone you know. And no matter what anyone else says, you know it's the best burger in America.

You Say ‘Like,’ ‘Dude,’ and ‘Rad’ More Than the Average American

"Like, dude. That wave you just rode was hella rad."

You Would Never Call Your Home State ‘Cali’

Only nerds and outsiders call it "Cali." You know that California deserves the dignity of its full name.

Your Driving Terrifies Non-Californians

Listen... to maneuver through that 5 o'clock traffic, you need to be a little crafty. You're an expert at putting the pedal to the metal, stopping within an inch of a traffic light, and weaving in and out of lanes on the highway. Your passengers have nothing to worry about.

You’re All Too Familiar With Earthquake Drills

While the Midwest takes part in tornado drills, you grew up participating in earthquake drills. "Drop, cover, hold" while crouching under a sturdy desk was a bi-annual occurrence.

You’re Tired of Explaining You’re Not From Hollywood

When you're outside of your home state and you tell others where you're from, the first follow-up question is: "Oh, so you're from Hollywood?" And, no, you're not friends with any famous people.