13 Sure Signs You Grew Up In California

The West Coast is the best coast... at least to those who grew up in California. The Golden State is the golden land of opportunity; it has the best Mexican food you'll ever taste, it hosts the movie-making capital of the known universe, and the state's economy, if it were counted as its own country, would be the sixth largest in the world.

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There's a lot to be proud of as a child from California, and there are also some sure signs you're from there. No, you're not from Hollywood, but you are from SoCal and you know that NorCal is a completely different (and inferior) world. You also speak Spanglish like it's a real language, eat In-N-Out on the regular, and are, well, an "intense" driver.

As a native Californian, you know that any dish can be improved by throwing an avocado on it, that the only acceptable temperature range is 65 to 86, and that, like, no one actually calls the state "Cali." For these and 10 more signs that you grew up in California, click here.