13 Over-the-Top Wedding Cake-Bakers Around the World

These talented bakers spend their lives making brides’ dreams come true

13 Over-the-Top Wedding Cake-Bakers Around the World

All around the world, brides-to-be dream of the stunning wedding cakes that will take center stage at their wedding reception. Whether they are hoping for a classic, white centerpiece, an intricately decorated towering creation, or a bohemian, flower-coated cake, wedding cakes play a key role at almost every wedding reception. As a result, the world’s master wedding cake-bakers are always in high demand, baking and decorating the most breath-taking cakes, with the aim of making every bride’s dream come true.

Cupplets, Singapore

Singapore’s Cupplets bakery produces some of the most creative, bohemian wedding cakes. These bakers let their imagination run wild when designing and building their unique wedding cakes. The natural, floral, woodland-inspired decoration and the exotic flavors, such as lemon-rose and matcha-adzuki, attracts all modern brides to this store.

Dessert & Choklad, Sweden

This bakery makes wedding cakes that are literally fit for a queen: It made the cake for the wedding of Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling. This cake showed off the bakery’s skills: It was covered in handmade sugar roses, took a month to prepare, and was 11 feet tall. This bakery’s most popular wedding cake flavor is an amazing brownie filled with raspberry and chocolate mousse. It’s no surprise that Sweden’s brides are crazy about these cakes.

Fiona Cairns, UK

Fiona Cairns was tasked with making the elegant, extravagant cake for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Being cake-baker to the British royals testifies to Cairns’ talent and skills: She is now one of the most famous and sought-after wedding cake-bakers in the world.

Jacinta Yu, Hong Kong

With a background in fashion design, it’s no surprise that Yu’s wedding cakes, made at her Hong Kong bakery Complete Deelite, are the most fantastical masterpieces. Yu is the leader and pioneer of Hong Kong’s cake-decorating world: Her impressive, inventive creations have led to brides bursting into tears of joy when they first set eyes on their dream wedding cake.

Kimberly Bailey, USA

At The Butter End Bakery in Los Angeles, Kimberley Bailey designs, bakes, and creates the most elegant wedding cakes. She definitely deserves the title of “cake artist,” and is a master in her field. She is famed for having created the first ever gravity-defying, suspended chandelier wedding cake.

Ladurée, France

For the most stunning French twist on a wedding cake, Ladurée’s towering pyramids of macarons thrill every bride. This Parisian bakery, famed for its pastel-colored macarons, has transformed these delicate treats into beautiful wedding cakes, where up to 520 macarons form a single pyramid, made in the flavors and colors of your choice.

Maya Rose, France

Maya Rose adds a touch of French decadence and flavor to her traditional, towering wedding cakesAs a wedding planner and designer, she incorporates the themes and atmosphere of the entire wedding into every cake she decorates: She excels in bringing every bride’s dream wedding to life.

Melanie Secciani, Italy

Tuscany’s top wedding cake designer, Melanie Secciani, crafts simply stunning and delicious cakes for Italy’s luckiest couples. Secciani describes her wedding cakes as creating an everlasting memory, as, set against the beautiful backdrop of a perfect Tuscan sunset, her decadent creations reach up to the stars, celebrating the couple’s special day.

Nadia & Co, Canada

Every single wedding cake Nadia creates is utterly breathtaking. The hand-painted, handmade designs are always delicate, feminine, and wonderfully romantic. These wedding cakes really are what every girl’s dreams are made of.

Peggy Porschen, UK

Peggy Porschen is the go-to cake-baker for Britain’s rich and famous. Her endless client list has included Kate MossElton John, and Stella McCartney, who all shower her with praise for her unbeatable, irresistibly pretty cakes.

Ron Ben-Israel, USA

Ron Ben-Israel is often referred to as America’s wedding cake maestro. He has championed the wedding cake industry with his one-of-a kind, trend-setting wedding cakes. Ben-Israel incorporates everything he learned in his previous career as a dancer into his wedding cakes: He considers each one to be a performance, which needs to be treated with delicacy, care, and consideration.

Sam Godfrey, USA

At his California bakery Perfect Endings, Sam Godfrey, cake-baker to celebrities ranging from Heidi Klum to Christina Aguilera, makes the most mouthwatering wedding cakes, which really are edible artworks. Hidden behind the decadent decoration is the most perfect cake: Unsurprisingly the intense chocolate cake, layered with house-made fleur de sel caramel and luscious chocolate truffle cream is a popular option.

Sweet Things, Spain

Making couture wedding cakes for couples throughout Spain, Fiona’s elegant bakery is an exclusive appointment-only space, focused entirely on individual, custom wedding cakes, designed exactly according to the wishes of the bride-to-be. Every decoration is hand sculpted, and every cake is entirely unique, and incredibly enticing.