11 Ultimate Grilled Dinner Party Desserts

Don’t turn the grill off when the steak is cooked: Grilled desserts are the best way to end a summer dinner party
Grilled Peaches


Grilled peaches are one of the simplest, but most delicious, summer desserts.

As soon as the steaks and corn on the cob are cooked, we typically go to turn off our grill, with no further need for it that evening. But what if next time you were cooking dinner on the grill for you and friends, you left it on, wiped it down, and used it to cook your dessert, too? Not only does making your dessert on the grill save on washing up, it can also make the most decadent yet simple, sweet, and fruity treats.

11 Ultimate Grilled Dinner Party Desserts (Slideshow)

Cooking dessert on the grill can seem counterintuitive — we normally think of the grill as a place for sizzling burgers, and charring vegetables. But don’t limit yourself to solely savory options. We love grilling almost every dinner we eat throughout the summer, so why don’t we grill every dessert, too? Our standard summer dessert of many, many scoops of ice cream can be improved dramatically when served with simple grilled stone fruit, grilled doughnuts, or sandwiched between toasty, charred banana bread.


None of these grilled desserts are complicated, but they always taste as if so much effort has been put in to creating them, thanks to the extra flavors that the grill adds to the dish. Make sure you try a few (if not all) of these recipes this summer: We promise you’ll love how simple it is to make a fancy dessert using your trustworthy grill. With recipes ranging from simple grilled peaches to the messy, but totally delicious, grilled s’mores banana pockets, these will definitely be some of the most popular dinner party desserts you’ve ever served.