11 Manly Foods to Celebrate No-Shave November

There’s nothing more manly than facial hair — unless it's cooking these hearty dishes
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Stuffed Meatloaf


These foods are the perfect accompaniment for No-Shave November.

We’re halfway through No-Shave November, often called the "manliest" month of the year. We’ve guided you through avoiding beard-catching foods, but now it’s time to educate you on the manliest foods around. To help get you through No-Shave November, we’ve compiled 11 of our most macho foods from fried mac and cheese to short-rib beef burgers. Serve these up to your buddies or impress your significant other with these hearty dishes.

Being manly isn’t about driving a muscle car and putting in extra hours at the gym. To be a truly manly man, in our book, you have to master the culinary arts. There’s no room for healthy salads and vegetables on our list. Each of the items on our list is perfect for a day with the guys or any tailgate party. Master these greasy, meaty, and cheesy foods to call yourself a macho culinary king this November.