11 Games Perfect For Any Kids' Birthday Party

You're putting together your child's birthday party, and you have everything planned from the party theme to the food to even the little goodie bags each guest will receive at the end of the party. Before you set out the cake and sing "Happy Birthday," there's one final thing you need to do: plan some party games.

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Kids get restless if they don't have activities planned, and a good afternoon can quickly turn into chaos if you don't have any games on the schedule. Luckily, planning out games for a kids' birthday party isn't a particularly difficult task. From new favorite board games to classic party activities, all a children's game needs is a solid structure, instructions that are easy for any age to follow, and adult supervision.

Whether you decide to go with a boxed board game such as 5 Second Rule or Twister, keep it classic with Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Bingo, or go crazy with your theming and create a cake walk or custom scavenger hunt, there's no way to go wrong with these 11 fun and easy party games.