10 Wedding Trends That Need To Go Away Right Now

There are a lot of elements to take into account when you're planning your dream wedding. Budget, traditions, your personal tastes and aesthetics, and modern wedding trends.

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And, while not every wedding needs to have a timeless atmosphere, some modern trends are the 2017 equivalent of giant puffy sleeves or baby blue tuxedos from the '80s. Mason jars covered in burlap and flower crowns may seem beautiful and Pinterest-approved now, but when you look back at your wedding day photos with your kids in 2040, you're probably going to cringe at the memories.

While there's nothing inherently wrong with caricature artists, multiple, super sexy wedding dresses, and massive flower walls, think carefully about embracing these trends before it's too late. You could end up having an expensive, dated wedding that outshines the true meaning of your big day: getting married.

So, before you design your dream wedding, consider staying away from these 10 costly, cringe-worthy, and overdone trends.