10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Are Cooler Than Candy (Slideshow)

Give your sweetie these great gifts instead of boring chocolate

1. Liquor Love

Tequila, Scotch or other liquors. -There is always a market for good quality liquors on Valentine's Day. Consider something like Avion Reserva 44, a smooth tequila that is perfect for sipping with the one you love. 

2. Upscale Treats

Think along the lines of a bake sale but an upscale, fancified bake sale. Treat House offers Rice Krispie treats in tons of different flavors including dark chocolate chili, red velvet and bubble gum. 

3. Fresh Fruit Bouquets

Some people are still in that New Year's Resolution phase by Valentine's Day. Consider doling out baskets of fresh fruit for those who want to watch their waist lines. 

4. Beer of the Month Club Subscription


For the craft beer lover, give the gift that keeps on giving. Beer of the month clubs will allow for long-term gift giving, with craft beers showing up each month. 

5. Pie Pops

Lollipops are out. Pie pops? They are in like flint. They're cute, can be filled with a variety of flavors and are simple to make at home.

6. Bacon Roses

For the man in your life, consider bacon roses. A few simple steps and there's a bouquet fit for a king. 

7. Heart-Shaped Pizza

Are there people on Earth who don't like pizza? Right, there aren't. For those people, consider whipping up a heart-shaped pizza.

8. Cheryl’s Cookies

Ditch the box of chocolates and go for something a little more decadent. These sweet and gorgeous buttercream cookies will put a smile on their face and tickle their taste buds. We promise they are much cooler than the chocolate box guessing game. 

9. DIY Meat Rubs


If there is someone in your life that enjoys grilling, hook them up with some DIY meat rubs. A few dashes on a steak and you'll be in heaven. 

10. Homemade Donuts


Once Valentine's Day rolls around, everyone has their own version of a special treat. Grab a cute box and pack up some homemade Valentine's donuts.