10 Gadgets You Need for Your End-of-Summer Soirée

These gadgets will make your party a hit

You're on your way to being ice-cream-parlor ready with this ice cream maker.

Summer is coming to an end, but don’t fret — you still have a few weeks left to relish outdoor activities, backyard barbecues, and pool parties. Whether you’re hosting an ice cream social or a lively cookout, we’re sharing a few gadgets you must invest in.

10 Gadgets You Need for Your End-of-Summer Soirée

If you’re planning to prepare lots of sweets for your end-of-summer soirée, two gadgets you must get are the Cupcake Batter Dispenser and the Gelateria Ice Cream Maker. We have a ton of creative ice cream recipes that are sure to inspire you to take advantage of the season’s fruit harvest.

If you love music, a portable Bluetooth speaker is sure to make your soirée unforgettable.  What’s a party with a banging playlist? Be the disc jockey and control the beat of your party while mingling with your guests. Want to talk about multitasking? This gadget will definitely get you there.

Here are a few gadgets you may want to consider for your end-of-summer party.

Breville Die-Cast Citrus Juice Press

Breville® / Bed Bath & Beyond®



There’s nothing like relishing the last of summer with fresh homemade lemonade. This juice press is perfect for creating a few fresh-squeezed signature lemonades for your weekend festivities.


Cake Batter Cream Dispenser Dough Cupcake Batter Dispensers

No-mess cupcakes.




Tired of creating a huge mess when baking cupcakes? This dispenser is perfect for a filling those cups up with batter while keep it clean.