10 Easy Cocktails For Your Summer Cookout

There's no better way to soak up the summer season than by relishing a thirst-quenching cold beverage on a hot summer day. Planning a summer cookout is when you can shine, show off your hosting skills, and make delicious cocktails

Citrus En Vogue

This refreshing low-calorie cocktail is perfect for under-the-sun fun, and it keeps your summer body looking good.

Firework Party Punch

What's better: the fireworks in the sky, or the ones at the bottom of your glass? It's a toss-up with this spiced cranberry, gin-based cocktail from McFarland and Easterbrook that's so ruby red, your guests will be "oohing" and "ahhing" even before the fireworks displays begin.

First Base

This cocktail is perfect for the Fourth of July! It's from Michael Mina's Stonehill Tavern at The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort. A splash of rosé Champagne sets it apart. 

Liquid Fireworks

This refreshing drink is perfect for a summer party. Not only is it bright in color, it also contains interesting flavors. Cucumber, strawberries, and blood orange give this cocktail a unique twist.

Mint Hibiscus Lemonade

This gorgeous ruby red tea originates from the leaves of the hibiscus flower, a plant you've probably spotted in the lush landscapes of tropical climates like those of Mexico or Hawaii

Partida Tequila's Spicy Watermelon Fresca

This fresh and chill cocktail offers a spicy twist that complements the watermelon.

Regent Old Fashion

For a summer twist on the classic Manhattan cocktail, try this Regent old fashioned created by Julio Carbrera of the Regent Cocktail Club at Gurney's Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa on the South Fork of Long Island, New York. This cocktail, which requires just a few easy steps, will be perfect for your summer cookout.

Spicy Basil Cocktail

According to 9 Restaurant mixologist Gennarose, this cocktail, which has a sriracha kick, can be enjoyed year-round. The spice makes it warming for winter, while the Champagne adds a refreshing touch for summer. 

Tequila Julep

A fun and refreshing twist on the classic mint julep.


Nothing says summer like a freshly cut watermelon. This cocktail will have you craving more.