10 Chefs' New Year's Resolutions (Slideshow)

Chef Gesine Bullock:

"My resolution is to be more food self-sufficient and to create less food waste in general. With our small homestead farm, I've been expanding our crops every year. This year, I'm starting a beehive and adding a year-round mini greenhouse off our kitchen. Turns out, when you go to the trouble of growing things yourself, every morsel becomes far more precious."

Chef Andrew Whitcomb:
"One of my New Year's resolutions would be to utilize even more of the byproducts that would normally go in the waste bin. We currently turn stems into salts, over-ripened fruits and vegetables into vinegar, but I would like to do even more. Another would be to work directly with a couple of farms to start a seed saving exchange and revive vegetables that would otherwise be endangered."

Get in Shape

Chef Andrew Zimmern:  

"To get into better shape through diet and exercise... it's boring and cliché but I have already started, why wait for 12/31? I want to spend more time with my family. I need it. They are the coolest people I know. Start a garage band. I suck at guitar but I'm fearless about playing. I want to focus a component of every single piece of work I do directly on aiding those in need. Why make a commercial product like a TV show if it doesn't at the end of the day have a 'giving mechanism' that makes a difference in the lives of others. Same with my books and other projects."

Chef Eric Banh:
"Yoga! Must get more fit to keep up with the long hours on my feet in the kitchen. Also, Monsoon is expanding and I plan to have five new, never-seen-before dishes on the menu when the expansion opens in the spring. Hence the long hours in the kitchen and my need for more yoga!"

In the Kitchen

Chef Ericka Burke:

"Preserve, can, and pickle everything I can to stock the cafe pantry."

Chef Laurent Tourondel:
"Incorporate more whole grains. I do this both at home and at my restaurants.  People are always looking for healthier options after the new year but it's important to still make food exciting, filling, and hearty."

Professional Goals

Chef Spike Mendelsohn:

"In 2014, I want to find six new, local purveyors and entrepreneurs to work with at my newest restaurant Béarnaise. I hope to introduce new local partnerships into the restaurant in order to support the community."

Chef Ethan Stowell:           
"To make sure that Noyer (slated to open this spring) lives up to the hype, and that all of my restaurants always exceed our guests' expectations."

Personal Goals

Chef Robert Irvine:

"My New Year's resolution is always the same. It's to change as many lives as possible. It's to help more people succeed, make their dreams come true, and visit as many troops as possible at home as well as overseas. I love what I do and every year I want to do more." 

Be Adventurous

Chef Manny Arce:
"Surf more! Cooks spend so much time talking about, thinking about, and dreaming about food... I've got to do the other stuff, too!"

Chef Einat Admony:
"I love boxing, but I want to focus on it more in the coming year. It's so important for my health — both mentally and physically. Also, I am going to encourage my kids to eat more vegetables, and I will be sure to stay on top of myself, too!"

Eat Better

Chef Ed Cotton:

"For my New Year's resolution I'm thinking about cutting out all the carbs from my diet. I did it two years ago and I felt great. However, it's going to be tricky seeing how I work in a place that serves wood-fired pizza and fresh pasta! Well, maybe I won't cut them out completely but I could lower my intake of carbs."

Chef Lulu Caringal:
"Well, since we all tend to pack on a few pounds during the holiday season, I'm determined to master some more low-carb and vegan/vegetarian-friendly recipes that are low-calorie to lose some weight!"

Chef Ralph Scamardella:
"Not to overeat — it's very easy to do so working in a restaurant."

In the Home

Chef Jesse Schenker:

"In 2013 I plan to do more cooking at home more for my kids. My wife and I recently had our daughter, Liv, and I want to be sure to dedicate time during the day to make meals for her and my son, Eddie."

Chef Susan Feniger:
"This year, my New Year's resolution is to try to figure out a way to make a little more time for personal life... my partner, our pets, our friends, and family. And to also take moments to smell the flowers. I love what I do and I consider the people I work with friends and family, so it doesn't ever really like work. However, I have many more family and friends whom I don't get to see or hang out with enough."

Keep It Clean

Chef Mary Sue Milliken:
"My husband jokes that virtually all my clothes have food stains down the front so I resolve to wear my linen apron religiously."

Try Something New

Chef Pascal Vignau:
"I'm making four resolutions this year: source new products, research old recipes and adapt to modern time, increase training for the line cooks, and general self-improvement."

Chef Jason Stoneburner:

"To create a robust cured meats program for both Bastille and Stoneburner."