Kitchen Conscious from 10 Chefs’ New Year’s Resolutions (Slideshow)

10 Chefs’ New Year’s Resolutions (Slideshow)

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Kitchen Conscious

Chef Gesine Bullock:

"My resolution is to be more food self-sufficient and to create less food waste in general. With our small homestead farm, I've been expanding our crops every year. This year, I'm starting a beehive and adding a year-round mini greenhouse off our kitchen. Turns out, when you go to the trouble of growing things yourself, every morsel becomes far more precious."

Chef Andrew Whitcomb:
"One of my New Year's resolutions would be to utilize even more of the byproducts that would normally go in the waste bin. We currently turn stems into salts, over-ripened fruits and vegetables into vinegar, but I would like to do even more. Another would be to work directly with a couple of farms to start a seed saving exchange and revive vegetables that would otherwise be endangered."