Entertain Blogs: Wonton Tacos and More Links

In today's Link Love, a Tumblr devoted to ugly foods, plus amazing lunchboxes for kids

Serve up some crispy wonton skin tacos and lemongrass ice cream, plus more entertaining ideas.

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• Use wonton skins to make perfectly crispy, bite-sized tacos (above, left). [DivianConner]

• Summer heat is the best excuse for spring rolls, especially with a spicy kick. [Munchin with Munchkin]

• Food porn might be all the rage, but really, ugly photos of food deserve a Tumblr, too. [Food Mourn]

• Lemongrass ice cream would make a perfect palate cleanser at your next party... or after tonight's dinner. [Girl Cooks World]

• A mother makes amazing SpongeBob SquarePants and other themed lunchboxes for her kid. We need to start bringing these to work. [Lunchbox Awesome]

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