Enhance Your Home with Knotted Wine Racks

Just imagine, bringing a modern sculpture to your next dinner party

Oscar Wilde said “art is useless,” but it seems sculptor Robin Antar seeks to refute that concept. Using a technique she uncovered 20 years ago to make her realistic stone depictions of everyday contemporary culture items, Antar has created the Wine Knot.

Antar’'s work can be seen all over the U.S. If you go to a museum and see a box of Oreos covered in protective glass, more than likely it is Antar’'s realistic stone sculpture of the delightful little cookies. She has won numerous awards, including The Gold Medal of Honor from the Allied Artists of America and the Gretchen Richardson Award for Carved Sculpture.

The Wine Knot is a modern stone sculpture designed to hold two bottles of wine in a visually appealing way. Just imagine, bringing a modern sculpture to your next dinner party. That will certainly outdo the Jones’ gift of a bottle of merlot. Then again, a $1,500 sculpture may be a bit out of your price range for a host gift, and if that’s the case you should just buy one for yourself instead.

The Wine Knots are made to order, so presumably, if you want a sculpture of Atlas holding your wine bottles, then Atlas you will get. If you are on a time crunch and need your wine knot immediately, they are available in teal and white, but they can also be made to order in a wide range of colors if necessary. 

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