Emmy Awards Recap: No Love for Food

Check out a quick recap from the 2013 Emmys
Shutterstock/ Joe Sheer

Fun, food and partying at the 2013 Emmys

The 2013 Emmys proved to be successful for Breaking Bad and Modern Family, but many of our friends in the food industry got the shaft. Although Top Chef lost out on awards, MasterChef won for Outstanding Art Direction for a Multi-Camera Series while Outstanding Informational Series or Special was awarded to Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. There were plenty of upsets throughout the show, but don’t expect to find any sore losers. The Top Chef group, Guy Fieri’s crew, and all of the other losers that night could have headed to Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm’s "losers-only party" to celebrate with all of the other non-winners in the "Losers Lounge" across town.

The Associated Press reported that the official Emmy after-party served filet mignon, short ribs, and a special Emmy cocktail to go with the Enchanted Emmy theme the Academy pulled together. And also according to the AP, HBO served its after-party guests like Kerry Washington Chinese stuffed bao with Cantonese duck, prime rib-eye with wild mushroom scones and béarnaise, and paper-wrapped halibut with heirloom tomatoes.