Emilio Estefan Promotes Guatemalan Rum

Emilio Estefan promotes Guatemalan Rum

For Botran, it all started with five brothers from Burgos, Spain, settling in Guatemala in 1939 using a locally developed Solera System aging process.

What inspires Emilio Estefan, a 19-time Grammy award-winning producer, entrepreneur, and wife of Gloria to partner with Botran, a Guatemalan producer of fine rum? Perhaps greatness attracts greatness...in this case the character that comes with a lifetime of accomplishment matching Botran's 75 year rum making heritage.

For Botran, it all started with 5 brothers from Burgos, Spain, settling in Guatemala in 1939 using a locally developed Solera System aging process. This means drawing from multiple barrels ranging from new charred white oak barrels that previously held American whiskey to aged sherry and port. Concentrated cane juice extracted from sugar cane harvested from the family's very own fields instead of molasses is another key ingredient contributing to Botran's rich intricate flavor profile.

"As a premiere Latin artist, tastemaker and global icon, Botran felt that Emilio Estefan embodies what this flavorful rum represents...a commitment to heritage, tradition and a passion for fine taste,” says Botran President Roberto Garcia Botran. "This relationship allows us to blend together two brands with the same passion."

While their Reserva aged up to 14 years can certainly be mixed in cocktails creating lively flavor interplays, its powerful essence really shines through as a sipping rum similar to a single malt whiskey. This isn't a surprise since Botran's philosophy is that rum should not merely be aged but slowly nurtured at every step of the process.

It all starts with volcanic enriched soil yielding uniquely rich cane sugar that's chopped, washed and crushed by hand. Next, the resulting purified cane juice is slowly fermented for about 120 hours using a unique strain of yeast. Distillation further enhances a flavor profile of candied & ripe fruits, red cherry, and sharp tinges of clove. A seductive mature finish lingers on the palate making it unforgettable.

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