Ellen DeGeneres Tweets Her Meals, Drinks, and Snacks

Take a look at what the celebrities have been eating this week

Curious as to what your favorite celebrities have been eating lately? Head to twitter! Be forewarned though. These tweets are sure to make you hungry.

This week Ryan Seacrest promises free cookies to his followers, Ellen DeGeneres cracks some soda jokes, and Justin Timberlake enjoys the weekend with tequila.


“Why did the can crusher quit his job? He found it soda pressing. #ClassiJokeMonday

“hit lucky 7 million followers…free cookies for everyone!!”

“I think I just fell in love. Wait. False alarm. I’m just hungry.”

“Happy Weekend everybody! Rink tequila … #its901somewhere”

“Tapioca is an underappreciated pudding. Got a lot to say about this. One of those times I hate Twitter’s character limimt.””

“I got into bed at 5PM ate 2 pieces of pizza in bed & I’m watching mindless tv all night! YAY!”

“This is another reason I love livin in the country ☺”