Elevated Acre

Pedestrian Street/Plaza, Scenic Lookout, Park
55 Water St
New York, NY 10041


  • This park is seriously one of the best-kept secrets in the Financial District. Our tip: A great place to get some work done its outdoors, quiet with beautiful views plus FREE Wi-Fi.
  • Great place to work...on your tan, although the free WiFi means you can get some real work done as well. There are plugs hidden by the benches on the far end of the park closest to the helipads.
  • Be one with nature in the midst of the Financial District.
  • A perfect place to get away from the office, and have lunch with a beautiful view.
  • This little hidden gem has everything you want -- a view, some grass, things to jump off, and plenty of places to sit around, all amidst a forest of skyscrapers!
  • Take the outdoor escalators at 55 Water up behind the building to discover a hidden elevated park. Free wi-fi makes this a great summer working spot.
  • A little oasis of calm in the Financial District. Well, with helicopters making things feel a little bit like Apocalypse Now, but otherwise...
  • Best nap spot in FiDi
  • Try coming during a torrential storm. Highly recommended.
  • Please don't smoke here! I'm trying to eat my lunch and enjoy a beautiful day. Thanks.
  • A 3hr unintentional lunch break is highly probable here...
  • Perched 40 feet above street level, it features stunning views of the East River, Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge, and enough greenery to make a cooped-up office worker feel free-range. FREE WiFi
  • Gorgeous views of Brooklyn and the East River. A postage stamp sized oasis on Manhattan. Afterwords, walk over to Stone street for delicious food and drinks.
  • Awesome hidden green space in the financial district overlooking the South Street Helipad. Great view of Brooklyn.
  • Aforementioned WiFi appears to be a Sandy casualty.
  • Beautifully designed urban park.
  • Does anyone know if there is Wi-Fi here capable to handle multiple data sources, for me to make the argument to be up on the Acre "work"ing on my tan?
  • A hidden gem in the financial district. Peaceful, quiet, and beautiful views. Bring a picnic and a book
  • This plaza was remodeled in 2005. The reason it exists is that the zoning board said that 55 Water could be 5 stories taller if they dedicated an acre to public use.
  • On a sunny day go to Leo's bagels and enjoy your bagel in this beautiful smalle elevated garden. Fantastic.

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