Elephant Odyssey

Zoo Exhibit
2920 Zoo Dr (San Diego Zoo)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 231-1515


  • Watch the elephants play in their 7-foot pool, stop by the Elephant Care Center to see the keepers give the elephants pedicures, dont miss the busy dung beetles & admire the condors 9-foot wingspan.
  • Check out the elephants getting a bath at noon
  • Great place too see Elephants!
  • This project habitat, 7.5 acres, is the largest single design and construction project ever undertaken by the San Diego Zoo.
  • The whole exhibit is amazing but be sure to check out the tar pit demo/replica in addition to admiring the elephants. Fascinating historical stuff!
  • I <3 Cha Cha!!!
  • Elephants dig raisins.
  • You'll also find the lions, 3-toed sloth, and leopard exhibits there.
  • Been to the SD zoo dozens of times over the last 50 years. Always amazing, the zoo is constantly upgrading exhibits. Arguably one of the top five zoos in the world!
  • Amazing! The most extensive elephant exhibit of all time.

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