Election Night 2012: The Drinking Game

Both parties are gearing up for a big night of nerves and pressure — let's drink to take the edge off
Thinkstock/ iStockphoto

Let's drink to the red, white, and blue.

It's been one of the most tiring presidential elections to date — if you're making 4-year-olds cry, it's probably too much — and we're ready to celebrate the end with a cocktail or two.

As the results start coming in tonight, we already have your cocktails planned: the Republican cocktail party and the Democrat cocktail party. (Not to be too bipartisan here.) And because the election night returns provide just as much, if not more, fodder than the presidential debates, we give you our Election Night Drinking Game. Whether it's to take the nervous edge off, or to celebrate your candidate winning, it's a game everyone can enjoy. 

Here are our rules to get your started. Leave a comment if you have a rule of your own!

• Pass your drink to the right when Romney wins a state. Pass it to the left when Obama wins a state.

• Take a shot whenever a swing state’s results come in.

• Take a sip whenever someone on the screen says Ohio or Hurricane Sandy.

• Take a shot whenever a pundit says that it’s "still just too close to call." 


• Start chugging if any sort of hologram pops up on whatever channel you're watching — there's nothing else to gain from that newscast.