Einstein Bros Bagels

Bagels, Restaurant
GSU Campus (95 Piedmont Ave)
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 413-9611


  • Try egg and cheese on the Asiago bagel. Delicious! ^_^
  • Definitely grab a pumpkin bagel while they're around. It's delicious!
  • The staff is great and the food is better. A pleasant experience every time I go in there. I just would prefer it not be so expensive for certain things. May even be better than Starbucks!
  • The chai latte has definitely improved since my last tip. Ask for an extra shot of espresso, if you dare, and top it off with some nutmeg!! ^_^
  • I was trying to say thumbs up to Pumpkin Schmear and thumbs down to chai latte. Damn auto spell-correct! >_<
  • OMG Pumpkin Sumer!!! Delicious!! O_O
  • I would not get that chair latte...unless you haven't had one before and just don't know any better. High on the water/milk, very low on the chai. *no bueno*