Egg Nog Explosion Rocks New Jersey Factory

Two people were injured in an egg nog factory explosion

A vat of egg nog mysteriously exploded in a New Jersey factory Saturday evening.

Egg nog is not normally flammable unless it has been spiked with a serious dose of alcohol, but last night an enormous explosion occurred in a New Jersey factory after a vat of egg nog flavoring mysteriously ignited.

According to ABC News, “The sudden blast ripped through three stories of Pharmachem Laboratories” around 7 p.m. Saturday. Pharmachem produces food flavorings.

Fire Marshal Allen Del Vecchio says he actually felt the explosion at his home, a mile away from the factory.

“I felt my house actually shake from the explosion, and that's about a mile away,” he said.

Two workers were hurt in the explosion, but luckily they escaped with only minor injuries. Officials say it was fortunate nobody was more seriously injured, because the blast was actually strong enough to completely blow out the back of the building. At the moment it is still unclear what specifically caused the explosion, but workers had reportedly just started putting together a new recipe when it somehow caught fire and exploded.


"There was a big vat that had this product in it," Del Vecchio said, "what we're trying to determine is what ignited this product and caused the explosion."