From Editor to Entrepreneur: Meet ICE Alum Sara Deseran

From Editor to Entrepreneur: Meet ICE Alum Sara Deseran


By Carly DeFilippo


In the ever-growing buffet of possible food careers, sometimes it's hard to choose what will end up on your plate. Will I be a magazine editor or a restaurant owner? A cookbook author or an entrepreneur? Well, in the case of ICE alum Sara Deseran, she's having her cake and eating it too. At the mere age of 42, she's the co-owner of five restaurants, the food editor for San Francisco magazine and a cookbook author—and still, she's plotting to one day write freelance articles for the New York Times. Because why shouldn't you get to do everything you've always wanted to do?


Where was your ICE externship and how has it affected your career?
For my ICE externship, I worked at Saveur magazine in the test kitchen, which was a complete thrill. At the time, there was no magazine I loved more. From there, I became the food editor at 7x7 magazine and a short-lived publication called Williams-Sonoma Taste. Today, I work as the food editor at San Francisco magazine and oversee our “Feast” section.