Edgewood Retail District

Mall, Plaza, Big Box Store
Moreland Ave NE at Caroline St NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


  • WORST parking lot design EVER!!!!!
  • Park underground. Always more space and less traffic there.
  • Try the ice cream at the new Morrelli's location. It helps beat the summer heat
  • A great addition to the intowner's shopping needs. But beware - the parking lot can be really challenging - both in's and out's and the drivers!
  • My favorite Ross is here!
  • It's always a madhouse. Avoid if you can!
  • No matter your provider, this area has the worst cell phone reception in Atlanta!
  • Has everybody heard about the ERD? ERD, ERD, ERD. ERD is the word.
  • Slummy and bummy
  • I'm pretty sure this place is in between the 4th and 5th levels of hell. Oh and good luck using your phone if you have AT&T.
  • Its always friggin busy here. Beware of the ppl who dont know how to drive
  • You'd think it was Snowmageddon... there's a mad scramble for champagne, beer and party snacks (which actually makes more sense in an ice storm than milk and bread....)
  • Barnes and Noble/Target/Bed, Bath & Beyond ... that's all I need.
  • More parking downstairs.
  • Always my morning one-stop-shop. Get it all done in one shopping center.
  • Also known as Hell in Atlanta.
  • Don't park underground for long. My car was a minute away from being stolen. No cameras.
  • Anchored by big box retailers Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe's and Best Buy, this center definitely serves a purpose for EA; unfortunately at the expense of the locally-owned shops that we adore.
  • Best Target and Ross stores, worst parking and reception for cell phones!
  • underground parking is hassle free, especially for visiting Target.

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