Echo Park Lake

751 Echo Park Ave (btw Bellevue and Park Ave)
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 847-0929


  • In Echo Park? July is all about the Lotus Plants @ Echo Park Lake -
  • Echo Parkers (@echoparknow), keep breakfast local @Brite_Spot where pancakes rock. Sunset & Park -
  • Great place for a picnic and reading and probably for a run. The bathrooms here have no soap though so make sure to bring hand sanitizer.
  • Easy parking on the East Side near Reservoir Ave.
  • After an impressive restoration, this is an attractive destination for picnics. Shade, barbecue pits, and picnic tables are in short supply, but there are great views of the lake.
  • great place for a picnic
  • For any film buff, Chinatown was partly filmed here, Jack Nicholson was the star of the amazing film.
  • If you can brave a few cracks and bumps, the outer sidewalk is pretty darn close to a mile loop.
  • A cute date spot for a walk around the lake
  • The lake, boat rides and park
  • The view is amazing. A really nice place to relax
  • View is amazing and it's more like a small quiet place right in the center of the city. Can totally recommend it.
  • Cute park with paddleboats.
  • Paddle boats
  • Nice place to relax for families, good jog song the lake as well
  • The Lake's iconic fountain was installed as part of the city's hosting of the 1984 Olympic Games.
  • New Echo Park Lake = Awesome!!!
  • born and raised.....
  • Run around the walking path is .8 miles. Start and stop at the lady of the lake! 3 laps. Perfect run.
  • I love it , although finding parking around was a mission.

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