Eating out on a budget? Find out how to make healthy choices

Eating out on a budget? Find out how to make healthy choices

Finding good places where you can have a good meal on a budget can be quite a challenge and most of the time you will have to make sacrifices when it comes to healthy food. It doesn’t have to be like this – there us a way to eat healthy without spending a small fortune at the restaurant.

What are some healthy choices when eating out on a budget?

Eating out on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean eating low quality, junk food. You should always try get the healthiest food as possible for your money. Here are some examples of healthy choices for eating out:

The simple food is healthier

Getting a bowl of soup, ladle of yogurt or granola can be really healthy and actually allow you to save money. You should always look out for great daily deals and promotions at the local restaurants – many of these offer meal combos, which often include a bowl of salad.

Local food carts

Eating out doesn’t always have to involve visiting a restaurant. Food carts are quickly becoming popular in all major cities and they can also very useful when it comes to eating healthy on a budget. The food carts come in various shapes and sizes to offer wide variety of food. There are even food carts that offer gluten free vegan food, so there are lots of healthy choices out there.

Try ethnic cuisine

Quite often at restaurants offering ethnic food, you can get large portion of healthy food on a great price. The most popular types of ethnic food in the US are Thai and Chinese, but don’t be afraid to taste new cuisines – you would not only enjoy great variety of tastes, but also save a lot of money when eating out!

Soups – Cheap and Healthy

As mentioned above, soups are great healthy food you can eat at almost every restaurant. The price you will have to pay for a bowl of soup depends on the restaurant you visit. However, at restaurants offering ethnic food, you can get better choice and also pay great price for it.

Share meals

By splitting meals with your family or loved ones, when eating out is the easiest and most effective way to save some money at the restaurant. Most of the time, the meals offered by restaurants are big enough to feed 2 people, but if the food is not enough, you can always order additional appetizers or side dishes.

Search for combo deals and promotions

Getting online at popular coupon websites like is a great way to find discounts and deals for local restaurants. However, another great way to save money when eating out is by getting combo meals. These often include salad, main dish and optional sides, depending on how hungry you are. By combining all dishes into 1 meal, you not only end up paying less, but also enjoy a healthy meal.

How to start eating out on a budget?

With the tips above you can have great and most importantly healthy meals at reasonable price in local restaurants you love. You can find out more interesting info and ideas for eating out on a budget with this infographic, titled „Complete Guide to Kids Eating Free (and Adults Eating Cheap) at Your Favorite Restaurants