Eating Up the Inauguration 2013

The Daily Meal’s guide to inauguration food and drink

Obama Inauguration

Whether you are one of the estimated 500,000 people expected to watch President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 21 or are planning to host an inauguration viewing party at home, The Daily Meal’s Inauguration Food and Drink guide has everything you need to patriotically prepare and party like the president.

The Inauguration Food and Drink guide is packed with presidential-inspired cocktails and places to eat (and watch) the inauguration, and the inside scoop of what President Obama and former presidents enjoy eating and drinking.

For those traveling to Washington, D.C., the Inauguration Food and Drink guide features dining guides — including the hottest tables, the best food trucks, and the places, from high-end to casual, where the first family likes to feast.

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