Eataly Builds Its Own Theme Park in Italy

Italian food emporium Eataly is planning to build a food theme park in northern Italy called Fico Eataly World

Eataly’s 20-acre food theme park will offer visitors food stores, restaurants and even food labs.

Picturesque Bologna, in the mountains of northern Italy, is best known for its rambling streets and terracotta rooftops – but soon it’ll also be known as the ‘Disneyland of food’. The Italian food-emporium chain Eataly has combined forces with the municipality of Bologna to develop a food-centric theme park called Fico Eataly World.

The venture aims to boost the Eataly market-wonderland experience by giving tourists a way to sample the famed food and drink of the Italian region in one accessible location. And it won’t be small either — though still in the planning stages, the park will likely take up more than 20-acres of prime Tuscan real-estate and will cost in the region of €40 million.

Aside from the indoor market feature, which is the staple of all Eataly’s 26 locations around the world, Fico Eataly World will also have dozens of world-class restaurants, food labs, grocery stores, and even a giant aquarium.

Italy is hoping the park, which is set for a November 2015 opening, will boost the region’s ailing economy and bring a lot more tourists to northern Italy.


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