You’ll Never Believe the Crazy Things People Put on Their Pizza

Whatever happened to pepperoni?
Insect Pizza

Photo Modified: Flickr/ urasimaru/ CCBY-SA4.0

Yes, those are gigantic insects. On a pizza. 

Living in an era of unbridled culinary experimentation has its pros and cons. Sometimes you end up with a croissant-doughnut hybrid that has people lining up for hours, and sometimes… you end up with a pizza topped with a whole roast chicken. Here are 11 absurd things that people have topped their pizza with.

You’ll Never Believe the Crazy Things People Put on Their Pizza (Slideshow)

We completely understand if by this point in time you’re a little bored with the standard assortment of pizza toppings that you find at your local pizza joint. Pepperoni, sausage, peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, and ground beef are all well and good, but after a little while it can be expected that we’ll get bored with the status quo (and we’re not about to resort to ham and pineapple). While it was briefly exciting to top pizzas with bacon, that ship has sailed as well. What else is there to do? Get creative!

There are some pizzerias, packaged food companies, and intrepid home cooks out there that are thinking outside of the box when it comes to pizza, with extremely mixed results. Adding macaroni and cheese to a pizza? Astounding, brilliant. Adding hard-boiled egg, mayo, and hot dogs? Let’s not even discuss such blasphemy.


While we’re not exactly passing judgement on any of the following pizza toppings, they’re certainly… creative. And bold. And outrageous, and daring, and, yes, slightly crazy. If these flavors work for you, power to you. But should you decide to make a crazily-topped pizza of your own, please keep two facts in mind: Not everything goes well with cheese, and just because something can top a pizza doesn’t mean that it should.