Woman Nearly Burns House Down After Following Facebook Cooking Tip

A woman in the UK nearly set her house on fire when she tried to make cheesy toast by turning her toaster on its side

If I was stupid enough to do it, someone else will be,” Dale said.

U.K. resident Suzanne Dale nearly set her own home on fire after following a cooking “tip” she got from Facebook — to make cheese on toast without a grill, simply turn the toaster on its side and insert the bread and cheese.

Within moments, Dale’s toaster began to smoke, and by the time she had unplugged the machine and brought it outside, it was on fire. It was 20 minutes before Dale finally got the fire out, and hours before the smoke cleared.

Dale went back to Facebook to warn her friends not to make the same mistake, sharing a photo of her toaster in flames. “Don’t try this at home,” Dale warned.

“I thought it might be a faster way of making cheese on toast,” Dale told the Manchester Evening News. “There ha[ve] since been 2,000 shares and so many comments. It is probably a good thing — if I was stupid enough to do it, someone else will be.”


Following Dale’s dangerous kitchen mishap, the Greater Manchester Fire Service issued a statement to the public, urging people to “only use kitchen appliances in accordance of manufacturer’s instructions.”