Which States Blow the Most Most Money on Food?

A recent study reveals which states spend wisely ― and otherwise ― on dining out and more

Ever wonder how much you’re spending on eating out? Which state spends the most on food? Where is all your hard-earned money going? Well, read on!

After surveying 2,000 people across the United States about their financial waste, calculated (using the official USDA food plan: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels that the “top four financial flubs involve food: Nearly 70% admit they spend too much eating out, almost a third toss out uneaten food, a quarter say they spend too much on alcohol, and another quarter splurge on groceries.”

The study reveals that most say they could cut down on restaurant meals and alcohol, but aren’t willing to cut any corners when it comes to grocery bills and wasted food costs.

An estimated seven in 10 of both genders cite dining out as a way they blow cash. Expired food, grocery bills, and alcohol also contribute to wasted funds. Moreover, Baby Boomers, Gen X-ers, and Millennials also ranked dining out as the top way to blow cash.

Which states drop the most cash on eating out? The study found that residents of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi spend the most eating out, and New Englanders spend the least.

“Nearly 77 percent say they spend too much at restaurants. Much of the Midwest and South follows fairly closely,” according to the study.

For more details on who wastes the most on groceries, which states have the highest and lowest percentages of food waste, and more, click here to read the entire study.

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