What Do Bill and Hillary Clinton Do on Date Night?

How would you spend a night off if you were running for president?
Bill and Hillary Clinton

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Bill and Hillary have been married since 1975.

Let’s say you’re running for President, happen to be one of the most well-known people on Earth, and your significant other is a very popular former president. If you get a rare night off and plan a date night, what do you do? You can’t exactly just pop into your local sushi place or go see Deadpool at your local Cineplex. Right?

Well, if you’re Hillary Clinton, not really. During a recent interview with Lifetime, the Democratic frontrunner said that during her pre-candidacy days she used to be able to sneak away for dinner and a movie with Bill, but these days her free nights are spent away from prying eyes, playing with her granddaughter at her daughter Chelsea’s New York home.

As for date night activities during simpler times, the Clintons took in a U2 concert in New York last August, saw Sting’s The Last Ship on Broadway in December 2014, and visited Georgetown’s Peacock Café in October 2010. 

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