Well, butter my biscuits! Three Brands Announce Signing of Statewide Franchise Development for Tennessee

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This ain’t their first rodeo when it comes to expanding but Tennessee area deal adds 40 units for each brand: Buzzed Bull Creamery, Roll On In, & the recently partnered Barry’s Cheesesteaks.

Tennessee  (RestaurantNews.com)  A group of seven individuals known as 20% Brands, partner to sign the rights to develop franchise units in the state of Tennessee for 3 fast growing brands: Buzzed Bull Creamery, Roll On In, and Barry’s Cheesesteaks. The statewide area deal will include 40 co-branded franchise spaces for Buzzed Bull Creamery and Roll On In with 40 individual franchise units for Barry’s Cheesesteaks.

The 20% Brands team chose the state of Tennessee for its tourist attractions and being close to many large cities making it the destination spot for weekend getaways or week long vacations. The partnership brings experience that showcases their self-starting attitudes with resumes including managing businesses and being integral team members for growth and development of previous endeavors.

“Tennessee becomes prime real estate for us to develop the franchises for 3 brands that are booming,” says Michael Fry (a member of 20% Brands team). “Buzzed Bull Creamery, Roll On In, and Barry’s Cheesesteaks seemed like the perfect fit with the diverse demographics that come and go [in Tennessee] thanks to its geographical location,’ Fry continues.

The centrally located state further helps to garner attention for potential franchisees as this development is now underway.

Gorilla Franchise Group, who manages the franchise development of Buzzed Bull Creamery, Roll On In, and Barry’s Cheesesteaks, saw this as the perfect opportunity to expand each brand as they are gaining interest and popularity

If you are looking for the next big thing, here you go! Let’s chat some more to show you why this is the right fit for you! For more information about franchising opportunities and how to join the Buzzed Bull Creamery, Roll On In, and Barry’s Cheesesteaks teams, contact Gorilla Franchise Group.

About Buzzed Bull Creamery

Buzzed Bull Creamery is a family friendly liquid nitrogen creamery hand crafting the freshest ice cream and milkshakes. They have plenty of options to captivate audiences of all ages and the ability to infuse alcohol for adults’ frozen desserts (21+) while maintaining the originality of the American staple.

About Roll On In Sushi Burritos & Bowls

Home of unique sushi burritos, sushi tacos, sushi donuts, and more, Roll On In takes their Asian fusion menu to another level. They offer 100’s of choices to give your taste buds something unique and fresh in a fast casual environment.

About Barry’s Cheesesteaks

Barry’s Cheesesteaks strives to make a real cheesesteak just like they have done in Philly. They aim to share the love, good news (because they believe that’s what has gotten them this far), and incredible food within each community.


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