Vermont Hotel to Host Wild Game Dinner with Roadkill on the Menu

Photo Modified: Flickr/Jim, the Photographer/CC 2.0

Vermont Hotel to Host Wild Game Dinner with Roadkill on the Menu

Are you adventurous enough to eat roadkill?

The Hotel Vermont in Burlington is getting ready to host a rather unusual dinner, focused on serving only wild game.

Although wild game has been enjoyed by hunters and their families for generations, the upcoming feast on November 7 marks a growing acceptance for the connection between the animals we eat and how they got to our plates.

Proceeds from the “Wild About Vermont” dinner will benefit the local Fish and Wildlife Department’s conservation camps, and programs from environmental advocacy group Lake Champlain International.

Not for the faint of heart, the menu will include meat supplied by game wardens and hunters, as well as collected roadkill. Local fishermen will also donate fish for chowder and lake trout pâté, according to the Burlington Free Press. So far, the menu from Hotel Vermont executive Doug Paine includes moose, black bear sausage, slow-roasted turkey, rabbit, and some venison— assuming those are the animals that show up to the kitchen. 

“This is not just a one-time thing, James Ehlers of Lake Champlain International, told the Press. “The broader objective is to connect people back to their food, the land as a source of food.”