U.S. Open Donates 70,000 Pounds of Leftover Food to Nonprofit


Most companies can’t handle thousands of pounds of leftover food, but Emergency Food Network was up to the challenge.

With the U.S. Open at Chambers Bay in the books, the golf course has decided to put its leftover food to good use.

The course, located in Tacoma, Washington, is donating nearly 70,000 pounds of leftover food to a nonprofit organization, which will then ship it off to food banks. The nonprofit, Emergency Food Network, is making history by accepting this quantity of leftovers.

Some of the leftover food from U.S. Open had been donated in the past, but no company was ever able to take the entire surplus.

Donated foods included tri-tip steak, honey-baked ham, and produce. Everything donated is extremely high-quality food due to prestige of the event. 

“It’s not a week from its expiration date. It’s all beautiful, wonderful food,” said network director Helen McGovern-Pilant in an interview with the News Tribune of Tacoma

Emergency Food Network even took leftover K-cup coffee packs and unused bath towels.


Accepting all the leftovers may become a trend. McGovern-Pilant also agreed to help find a group capable of accepting everything near Oakmont, Pennsylvania, the site of next year’s U. S. Open.