Top Bites at Bonnaroo 2013

Delicious food kept the crowd rocking at the annual festival

BBQ Potato

We thought we'd go “healthy,” but when heaps of pulled pork were an option for the baked potato, that flew out the window. Absolutely no regrets.


Classic, satisfying, and topped with the works, this burger was just the thing to bring back the energy expended while dancing like crazy.

Coffee Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Previously called “Bonnaroo Buzz,” proceeds from this scoop of coffee ice cream swirled with a whisky caramel ribbon and huge chunks of chocolate go towards supporting the annual festival on the farm.

Eatbox Meatballs

One of the Food Truck Oasis vendors, Eatbox served up various mouthwatering meatball dishes. Pictured here are the Sausage & Balls (meatballs with sausage, biscuits, and cheddar) and PBC (served with bacon, hashbrowns, and a honey scallion sauce).

Gator Burrito

With a wink toward its Southern home, this burrito was stuffed to bursting with crispy, salty nuggets of that Florida specialty. Imagine a tasty mix of fish and chicken.

Amish Doughnut

The love of my life at Bonnaroo. Served up hot and beautifully smothered in a finger-licking glaze, I will likely dream about these doughnuts for months to come.

Mega Slice

I Heart Spicy Pie was the pizza provider, and their slices were loaded with all the best ingredients a festival pie needs.

Pork Sliders:

We swore by these sliders from Miami-based food truck Gastropod (and went back for seconds!). They were covered in cheese and pickled onions.

Old Dirt Dawg

Another Gastropod dish! This juicy hot dog came with “stupid slaw,” which was stupid good.

Spicy Yakisoba

Sometimes you just don’t want another corn dog. Luckily this dish was on hand to liven things up. Chicken and veggies joined the noodles in a sauce with just the right bit of heat for the summer-y Tennessee days.