Texas Couple Has Newborn Baby Photographed As A Whataburger

A Texas couple loves Whataburger so much that they decided to pay homage to the burger chain in a photoshoot for their newborn baby.

For the photoshoot, San Antonio photographer Carolyn Finger was asked by the couple to photograph their new baby on a Whataburger tray, alongside a Whataburger Styrofoam cup and sauce packets.

A friend of the couple who is a Whataburger employee was kind enough to provide the props, while Carter, the "Whatababy," was wrapped in yellow tissue paper.

"They asked if we [could] do it because she and her husband just love Whataburger," Finger told CBS Dallas. "Baby Carter was an awesome baby to work with."

Finger's clients are actually not the only parents who chose to celebrate both the birth of a new baby and their appreciation for Whataburger at the same time. Allie Rae, another photographer, was asked in 2014 to capture a couple's special relationship with the Texas-based chain with another "Whatababy."

During her pregnancy, Des Moines resident Megan Riddle was craving Whataburger so strongly that her husband drove 450 miles to the nearest location — in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then all the way back. The couple eventually moved to Dallas, where Whataburgers abound.