Take Our Survey: Where Can You Find America’s Best Burrito?

A well-made burrito is a work of art, and we want to know what your favorites are
La Taqueria Burrito

Photo Modified: Flickr/ rick/ CC4.0

Just look at this bundle of perfection. 

A well-made burrito is one of those perfect foods. For the past several years we’ve been ranking the absolute best burritos in America, and this time around we’re asking you to take our survey before noon on Wednesday, September 14 and let us know which burritos are your absolute favorites.

Take the Survey: America’s Best Burritos 2016

There’s no other food that’s quite as wonderful as a perfect burrito. It’s a tidy cylinder of joy tightly wrapped up in aluminum foil, filled to nearly bursting with your choice of rice; beans; cheese; meats like carnitas, barbacoa, and chicken mole; vegetables; guacamole; crema; and maybe some hot sauce  — all the flavors co-mingle to create a flavor bomb that’s customized precisely to your liking.

You’d be hard-pressed to meet someone who flat-out doesn’t like burritos, and everyone has his/her favorite local burrito spot. Certain parts of the country are more blessed with a wide variety of independent burrito spots, but even burrito chains like Chipotle and Qdoba are turning out high-quality creations with an emphasis on freshness and flavor. (For this ranking’s purposes, we’re only including non-chains.)

We’re living in a burrito renaissance, and for that we should all be very happy. Click here to take our survey,  check out last year’s ranking here, and check back later this month to see if your favorite spot came out on top!

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